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Jasper Face on the door

The image of Jesus Christ has appeared on objects for centuries. The term "archeropite", meaning "not created by human hands", was first applied to the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Veronica, DOwn through the years, the face of Jesus Christ has also been detected in photographs, food, trees, glass, reflections and other objects. In 1978, Maria Rubio of New Mexico was preparing to eat a burrito when she noticed the face of Jesus staring up at her. In 2003, the face of Jesus is said to have appeared in her unborn son's echogram, taken when she was thirty weeks pregnant. SHe interpreted the mysterious image as a sign that she should not lose hope of having a baby after having several miscarriages. In 2005, Jeff Rigo from Pittsburg sold an image of Jesus on his bathroom wall for $2,000. In 2008, Michael Cartwright, a thirty-five- year old cab drive, was sitting in a pub in England. after the waiter popped open a bottle of apple cider, Cartwright was shocked to see the face of Jesus in the aluminum on the neck of the bottle. Residents of Jasper, Alabama, say that in 1983, the face of Jesus appeared on the door of a room in the Walker Baptist Medical Center.


The April 13, 1983 edition of the Daily Mountain Eagle carried a stopry about sixteen year old Ray Naramore, who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. The boy was taken to what was then known as Walker Regional Medical Center, but his temperature waas so low that teh boy was not expected to live. After the doctors informed ray's father, Joel, that his son's prognosis was not promising, the grief stricken man sat in a chair outside of the room, thinking about how much he loved his son, A short while later, he happened to look up and was amazed to se the face of Jesus Christ on the door. All of a sudden, Joel realized that his son was going to be all right. Later that day, the boy's condition improved so much that he was transferred to Birmingham where he made a full recovery.


Hazel H. Cooksey, a member of the Senior Services Division of the Walker Regional Medical Center, recalled the public's reaction to the face on the door. "They had the story on the television show, 'Thats Incredible', a few years ago. After the show aired, so many people came to see the face of Jesus that they had to put Plexiglass over the door to protect it. Over a thousand people lined up outside of the hospital to see the door. One man even wanted to buy the door. They have since moved the door to the hospital chapel.


I traveled to Jasper and viewd the door on July 29, 2003, and I must admit that I had no trouble making out the features of the face of Jesus on the chapel door.