Ghost Pics Ghost Pics Shadow Man Caught with night vision camera- no lighting in home- near bed where man died and his widow had been haunted by a shadow man and noises.. 80299265 Old Cahaba Slave House Find the woman in the window.... 80299266 Old Grave by Hwy 11 The ravages of time- wind, rain, heat and cold are accomplishing what the State Highway Department would not do and that is the removal of a grave which contains the body of a man dead since 1827. The grave, located about six miles north of Springville, on U.S. No. 11 has occasionally presented a rather startling effect on motorists as they see it arise suddenly in the distance, giving them the illusion that it is on the road. Actually, the grave, containing the body of WIlliam G. Gibson, as the stone slab identifies him, is on the right-of-way of U.S.11, and when the road was paved years ago, the construction crew gave a slight projection as they cut the through the area to preserve the grave. The stories are that Mr Gibson, born December 22, 1795, was killed in a duel and anbother is that he was gored by an ox and died. He was a hat salesman from North Carolina. At the time of the burial Hwy 11 was known as the old Georgia-Tuscaloosa Road and it is questioned as to why he was buried so close to what was a wagon trail 80322880 80322881 Alabama Winter Snow Wonderful scene at the cemetary. When I woke up that morning I had to grab my camera and go shooting!! 80327016