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A Knocking in the Closet

Posted by Fr Kelsey Graham on August 21, 2010 at 5:48 PM

It had been a slow week for our little ghost hunting group, when one of our group members told us about this old cabin him and his family used to live in located in Jefferson County. He told us both of his great grandparents had died inside the house, but after he talked to his mom about it, we found out three others had died in there as well.

Josh continued to tell us about what would happen in the house. He said one day he was home alone, and he had made himself a hamburger and left it to cool on the counter, when he came back to get it, a bite had been taken out of it. Then he told us about the cold... Every room in the house was freezing, as we found out the night we stayed there. It was roughly 10:00 at night when we finally made it to the cabin. I stared at it for a moment. Then we realized the doors were locked, leaving yours truly with the task of climbing in through a window to unlock the doors. I stopped and looked around when I got in there... It was dark, and quiet, too quiet, that, "What the hell happens next..." kind of quiet.

I ran and unlocked the doors and everyone else came in. Not much happened to begin with, but after we stepped outside for a few minutes to check stuff out, something happened... We came back in and sat in the living room in a big circle with the lights out. We tried talking to the spirits, but nothing was happening. I decided to go and take another look at the kitchen, which all of us had been in earlier, and all of us had left at the same exact time. I come into the hallway and freeze... Every cabinet door stood wide open, even the fridge stood wide open. Everyone came and checked it out, and we ruled out the possibility that it was one of us.

Me and former member Sean decided to stay in the kitchen and try and talk to it. The other 4 members split into pairs of two and went to different rooms. ME and sean stood there for a good five minutes with nothing happening, until both Josh and Adam ran into the kitchen excitedly. They told us that the closet cabinet in the back room was rocking back and forth, and that the vase on the top didn't move with it. They said when it stopped, they tried to recreate it, but the vase moved with it when they tried. So we switched rooms, and me and sean went to the back room. We tried once again talking to it, saying stuff like, "If you're here, can you give us a sign of your presence?" sure enough, we got a sign. We were standing about 4 feet away from the closet cabinet, the only light on it was the moon shining in the window next too it, and we hear a knock from the inside, we're like, "Woah!" Suddenly, whatever knocked on it punched the inside, so hard that the door actually flexed as if being punched from the inside.

We said some words that would make a sailor blush, then we walked over there to find that there was nothing inside it all, it was empty. Suddenly from the living room we heard josh crying, so we ran to check on him. He sat there, tears rolling down his face as he told us he could hear his great grandfather talking to him...

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