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Haunted Shelby Author talks about haunts in Alabama!!

 Haunted Shelby Author talks about haunts in Alabama!


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 April 1, 2015 at 7PM CST Stanton Friedman on Abnormal RadioTracy Kristine Nelson

October 6 
Just in time for Halloween! (You know i love ghost stories...)
Someone on a tour group at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado (where Stephen King wrote 'The Shining',) took a picture on the stairs (where other paranormal photos have been taken) and captured this REALLY creepy image of what looks to be a girl standing there...a girl who wasn't on the tour. 
Photoshop expert and FBI guy who deals with fake photos say "no evidence of tampering." And coming UP the stairs there is another suspicious character behind the woman in blur motion, you can only see half of him or her.....and that person wasn't on the tour either....

The haunted spoon!!! Taken on 9-22-17 at Natural Bridge in Winston County Alabama. This is a wind chime made out of old silverware. The face was not obvious as the photo was being taken but becamse quite clear as the photos were reviewed........ Happy Halloween from Alabama!!




Welcome to Alabama Ghost Tours. We are owned and operated in Alabama Dr. Kelsey Graham is founder of Alabama Ghost Tours.  His personal experiences and interest in history led him to the creation. Dr Kelsey GrahamOrvGHGqoG14

Contact us  for  self guided tours of Alabama Haunts- however Stay tuned. SOON TO COME! Alabama Ghost Tours will be offering tours where you will be driven to the best spots and given the history of these exciting locations where paranormal activity seems to be a natural........



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